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People collect fine and rare antiques for reasons wide and varied as their own story and passion for doing so. Perhaps they’re curious of the value of a family heirloom (objects, mirrors, artwork, or furniture) they need an appraisal for insurance purposes, or it may be time to sell it to fund college or another purchase. Appraisals are helpful in all these circumstance stances.  But how can one be sure the period or origin (provenance) of the piece is authentic?  Purchasing antiques and collectibles from reputable dealers is your best bet and best start.

Appraisals can be written or verbal. Typically verbal is good for anyone looking for a number to place on an object when considering selling an item.  Moreover, written appraisals are best for insurance purposes.  More importantly you should find a trusted source.  You can find one through an accrediting organization like the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) The internet is full of resources for this, however this is not the purpose of this piece. Mr. Rau is also an authority.  If you are contemplating collecting as a lucrative hobby or investment, here is a good article to read for a green beginner: https://antiques.lovetoknow.com/about-antiques/collecting-antiques-practical-guide-beginners.  Obviously researching what it is you like and having patience will go a long way.  It’s a wonderful and noble pursuit to collect antiques and nothing puts things into to perspective like something from the distant past that still gives us enjoyment today.

Antiques like everything else ebb in an out of cultural fashion, however antiques are timeless and hold value such like art and other tangible investments.  Once more than can be enjoyed. Popular shows like Antiques Roadshow have spiked popularity in them in recent years.  I have been collecting and selling antiques for more than 25 years, from New York to Los Angeles and now our collection and showroom in Scottsdale, AZ, we are passionate about it!

Please bookmark this link as I will be blogging in the near future about such topics as authenticity, maintenance, restoration and fluctuations in the market and trends involving antiques.  i will also be stopping back to this blog entry to create links to future topics.